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CLETA is partnered with the best and the most comprehensive network of suppliers in all categories of components.

Some of CLETA’s offerings include, but are not limited Airless bottles, jars, blower bottles, tubes, aluminum pans and brushes. We guarantee the highest levels of attention of detail, quality, and the most competitive pricing.

Bottle/Pump Bottle

Airless Bottle

Heavy Blow



Airless Compact

Aluminum Pan




Raw Materials

With dependable points of sourcing and distribution located in Korea and USA, CLETA has access to raw materials across Asia and North America with the most competitive pricing and lead time.

CLETA has contracted with numerous suppliers across the globe, allowing us to compare regional cost differences to provide the highest cost savings to our customers.


CLETA services some of the largest contract manufacturers in North and South America. Our specialties include the following types equipment.

  • Powder Mixers and Pressed Powder equipment

Henschel Mixer, Pulverizer, Ribbon Mixer, Sieving Machine, Pressed (Multi Color) Machine, Wet type Press Machine

  • Lip Stick & Mascara Filling machine
  • Vacuum Homogenizer Mixers


Henschel Mixer

Vacuum Homo Mixer

Vacuum Homo Mixer

Finished Good Service

CLETA’s trusted partnership with contract manufacturers in both Korea and the USA allow us to offer the best manufacturers to our clients. We are focused in finding the most fitting manufacturers for our customers. Our services include product development, branding, formulating, manufacturing, logistics, and regulatory assistance to help our clients successfully launch their products in to the market space.

We also provide consultation services for cosmetic regulatory, factory management, product manufacturing, permits and audits.

With our extensive experience in running Global Contract Manufacturers, CLETA is able to provide applicable consulting and know-hows in production, production management, purchasing, inventory management, quality assurance, employee management, etc. Our team has successfully completed several FDA audits and can provide regulatory guidelines as well. In addition, we provide consultation to streamline production, save costs and expand your manufacturing business by reviewing production layouts, maximizing utility engineering, and acquiring specific licensure/certificates.