“As You Grow, We Grow”

"AS YOU GROW, WE GROW" is our belief and the reason you can be confident to work with us at CLETA. In everything we do, we have you and your company's success in mind.


Exceptional Quality, Competitive Cost, Reliable Speed.

Raw Materials

Globally Sourced. Competitively Priced. Expertly Delivered.


Suitable Design - ideal equipment for production needs. Proper Assessment and Follow-up

Finished Good Service

Clear Communication. Diverse Manufactures Guaranteed Quality.

CEO’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and our vision.

CLETA is a Greek Goddess, worshipped by the Spartans for her beauty and strength.

The name represents our company's strengths in our expertise and network in the beauty industry.


The Difference

What sets us apart from the competition?

Service (Communication)

We believe communication is key to a successful relationship with our clients. We promise to stay in close communication through all phases of development, purchase order, production, shipment, and follow up upon delivery. Our goal is complete satisfaction of our customers through clear and continued communication.


CLETA has partnered with top vendors in each categories of services. Our goal is to create a central location to gain access to all the top vendors in the industry. As a result, we are able to guarantee the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. Through the true partnership CLETA has established, we are able to offer the same promises to our customers.


Due to CLETA's experience and expertise in Cosmetic Project Management, our team will prevent most prevalent issues often missed in contract manufacturing. Furthermore, when inevitable obstacles do arise, we are quick to identify and correct the concerns at the source, resulting in timely and permanent solutions.


Components-When the design and the materials are the same, we promise to beat any competitor's pricing. Raw Materials - We source globally to provide you the most competitive pricing. Finished Goods - Not only do we have access to the best in the business, we source directly from the manufactures to minimize cost to our customers.

Minimal Tooling Cost and Zero Development Fees

We believe risk taking is part of mutual respect for our clients, and are committed to ensuring your success by investing ourselves in to your business. Through competitive pricing and high standards of quality, we want to see our customers grow that lead to re-orders and continued patronage. Due to our vendors being the highest rated partners in the industry, they are equipped to handle much of the development in-house, off-setting this cost form our customers. Also, because of the variety and diversity of our vendors, with extremely exceptional cases, tooling costs are minimal.


We have confidence in our suppliers and we promise to extend this confidence to our customers. We stand by our promise by guaranteeing to accept air-shipment fees as a result of delays caused by our team or our partners.

Minimum Order Quantity

We are able to work with the smallest MOQs in the industry. We want to grow with your company and be the platform that you can rely on through your growth.

Contact us

Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.


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